The NASCAR Playoff System is Broken
Why it’s flawed and how to fix it

Part I

By Kurk Altmann

NASCAR has used six different point systems since 1975 and during that same time, they’ve used six different ways of crowning a season ending champion. This paper sets out to answer the question NASCAR fans have had over the recent years, who would have won if a different point or playoff system existed?

Data collection, research and analysis was conducted on each NASCAR season from 1975-2019. The core of the analysis is focused on the idea of what if all the point and playoff systems ran simultaneously from 1975-2019. Who would have won and would have the winners been different based on which system was used?

As the title suggests, there are flaws in the way that the point system is constructed and there are obvious flaws in how the playoff structure rewards drivers and determines a champion.

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